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MU271 Flight Status Today

China Eastern AirlinesChina Eastern Airlines

Thu, Jun 21
Actual take-off
Scheduled 16:55
Pudong International Airport
On Route
Actual Arrival
Scheduled 20:55
Narita International Airport
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MU271 Flight Information

Departure Pudong International Airport,,A05
Scheduled Departure 16:55
Arrival Narita International Airport,T2
Scheduled Arrival 20:55
Airline China Eastern Airlines
Check-in E,F
Baggage 04kg
Equipment 320

MU271 Flight status timetable history

Flight info. Departure Arrival Date Departure Time Arrival Time Status
China Eastern Airlines
SHA Shanghai TYO Tokyo
Jun 17
Estimated --:--
Scheduled 06:55
Estimated --:--
Scheduled 08:55

Shanghai To Tokyo (SHA to TYO) Flight Schedule

Flight info. Departure Arrival Route Weekly Schedule
01:10 PVG 05:05 HND
Shanghai to Tokyo SMTWTFS
10:10 PVG 14:45 NRT
Shanghai to Tokyo SMTWTFS
19:05 PVG 23:00 HND
Shanghai to Tokyo SM-W-F-
16:55 PVG 20:55 NRT
Shanghai to Tokyo S------
17:20 PVG 21:20 HND
Shanghai to Tokyo SMTWTFS
13:05 PVG 16:45 HND
Shanghai to Tokyo -----F-
09:40 SHA 13:30 HND
Shanghai to Tokyo -M-----
17:20 PVG 21:00 NRT
Shanghai to Tokyo SMTWTFS
16:05 PVG 20:00 HND
Shanghai to Tokyo SMTWTFS
20:55 PVG 01:10+1 HND
Shanghai to Tokyo --T-T--