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Hong Kong Sold Tourist Octopus Adult (includes an initial stored value of HK$10, collect at Hong Kong International Airport)


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Hong Kong

Sold Tourist Octopus

The Octopus card gives its holder the opportunity to get all around Hong Kong with ease and flexibility using the metro. Each card comes with HK$10 loaded on it, and value may be added at any time. Pickup is easy, straight from Hong Kong International Airport, before you head into the city.


Sold Tourist Octopus

1. This Octopus is designated as a "Sold Octopus" and is issued subject to the "Conditions of Issue of Octopus" (also dispatched or displayed at designated transport stations).

2. This Octopus functions as a normal Adult Octopus.

3. Sold Tourist Octopus has no deposit and is non-returnable. This Octopus has an initial stored value of HK$ 10.

4. This Octopus has no deposit and is non-returnable.

5. If the value on your Octopus is zero or negative, it cannot be used until it is reloaded.

6. The function of this Octopus is covered by warranty from Octopus Cards Limited for a period of 30 days from the date of purchase. The warranty is not applicable to Octopus cards that have been damaged or tampered with, including cards that are bent, written on, scratched, cut, punctured, have stickers or photos pasted on, or have accessories attached. Please retain original sales receipt for warranty service.

How to redeem the ticket:

1. Place your Octopus steadily over an Octopus reader, hold and wait until you hear a pinging sound and see the remaining value on your card, indicating your transaction is complete, before removing your Octopus.

2. Sometimes transactions will not go through if the Octopus card has been held too briefly over a reader. If your transaction is incomplete because you scanned your Octopus too quickly over a reader, please hold it steadily over the reader one more time.

3. Octopus card holders may add value to their Octopus at all Octopus Authorized Add Value Service Providers with cash up to a maximum of HK$1,000. Please remove the packaging before adding value.

4. Don't share your Octopus with anyone else during the same trip, as there is a timing restriction for repeated usage.


1. This Octopus functions as a normal Adult Octopus. Child/Senior Octopus cards are not available on our website.

2. Please record your Octopus number for future reference. If the Octopus number cannot be identified, Octopus Cards Limited may not be able to refund the remaining stored value on the Octopus.

3. Do not tamper with your Octopus, such as bend, write on, scratch, cut, puncture, paste stickers, photos or attach accessories. In case of any of the above events, transactions will not be honored and remaining stored value will not be refunded.

4. Do not hold more than one Octopus, or an Octopus with another contactless smart card, over an Octopus reader at one time.

5. You may return your Sold Octopus for cancellation and we will disable your Sold Octopus and refund to you any remaining value stored on your Sold Octopus. However, we will not refund the cost of your Sold Octopus to you. Once the remaining stored value is refunded, your Sold Octopus will be disabled and cannot be re-activated.

6. This Octopus is an electronic product with limited life depending on factors such as utilization, varying storage conditions and operating environment.

7. If your Octopus is not working, please go to any MTR Customer Service Centre to ask for assistance.

8. If you encounter any problems with your Octopus or have any enquiries, please call the Octopus Customer Service Hotline on 00852-22662222.

Operation Hours: Daily 7:00a.m.-11:00 p.m.

Validity period: If you have not added value to your Octopus for 1,000 days or above, your Octopus will be deactivated. You can go to any Customer Service Centre at MTR stations to have it reactivated free of charge.

How To Redeem: Please visit the redemption point and present the proof of booking to collect your tickets on the selected date.

Proof of Booking: Valid Passport & Booking Number

Redemption Point: Counter A09, Arrival Hall A, Hong Kong International airport

* Please note: Once booking confirmed, you will receive a Ctrip Confirmation with your booking details, as well as a separate email with an attached PDF file which contains a Booking Number, known as [Proof of Booking].

Price Includes and Excludes

What is included?

1) One Sold Tourist Octopus (Nonrefundable)

2) HK$10 useable credit

What is excluded?

1) Personal expenses, optional items or anything else not specifically mentioned

Important Notes

1.No cancellations, changes or refunds will be made once confirmed.

2.Please present your proof of booking (that contains your proof number) via mobile phone or printout to receive your Octopus. For printouts, the proof of booking must be printed on size A4 paper (by laser printer) only. Please ensure it is printed out clearly and in full. Please take note that Ctrip cannot be held responsible for any losses should you neglect to present proof of booking, digitally or in printed form, on the day of your visit.

3.Currently payment is only accepted by credit card. Once payment clears, Ctrip will send you a confirmation email with your booking details. If payment fails, your booking will automatically be canceled. To ensure a smooth payment process, we recommend you contact your credit card provider in advance.

4.Please ensure you provide a valid email address when booking. Personal and travel information must be provided correctly. Ctrip will not refund any losses that result from incorrect or missing information.

5.All terms & conditions mentioned on Octopus Hong Kong apply.


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- Children: 2-12 years old and shorter than 1.2m (3 ft 11 in)

- Each child must be accompanied by at least 1 adult.

- Prices for group products are fixed. For private products, the bigger the group the lower the price per person.