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[4-Day Tour] Gulangyu, Hakka House & Peitian Ancient Village (Private, 4-star & hostel)


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Gulangyu | Gaobei tulou cluster | Chuxi tulou cluster | Nanxi tulou cluster | Peitian ancient village
Overnight at: Xiamen Seashine hotel | Yuqinglou Hostel

Fresh air, sea breezes, fantastic scenery and history combine in Xiamen and the surrounding Fujian countryside. Experience it all on this four-day tour that takes in coast and countryside with an afternoon on lovely Gulangyu islet followed by three days exploring the Hakka houses or "tulou" of Yongding County. Nestled in valleys and on hillsides, their imposing walls enclose entire villages and continue to house people, temples, animals and more to this day. You'll meet the people, sleep in a Hakka house and discover one of the wonders of southern China.


Day 1 Xiamen airport pickup

* Please note: We recommend you book a flight arriving in Xiamen before 11:00 a.m.

1:00 p.m. Gulangyu (Gǔlàngyǔ, 鼓浪屿) (about 2 hours)

Gulangyu, literally "Drum Wave Islet," is located several hundred meters off Xiamen's southwestern tip and was the city's pre-World War II foreign concession. Christian missionaries and foreign diplomats established homes, schools and consulates on the islet in the 1920's. The study of piano proved more popular with the locals than the study of religion and in the following decades, Gulangyu churned out some of China's most skilled musicians. The history of this period is well documented in the Piano Museum.

3:00 p.m. Return to Xiamen by ferry and return to hotel at about 6:00 p.m.

Stay overnight at the Seashine Hotel or similar.

Day 2 Xiamen-Yongding (includes breakfast)

8:00 a.m. Xiamen downtown hotel pickup and drive to Yongding County (about 3 hours)

En route to see these fascinating homesteads take a break in a picturesque tea field and visit a teahouse to witness a Chinese tea ceremony and enjoy a cup of the local chá. Tea has a 1,600-year-long history in Fujian Province and the techniques for brewing the five different types of tea grown in the region—oolong, black tea, green tea, white tea, and scented tea—all originated here, with the exception of green tea.

2:00 p.m. Gaobei tulou cluster (Gāoběi tǔlóu qún, 高北土楼群) (about 2 hours)

The Gaobei tulou cluster is located in Fujian's Yongding County, and is notable for boasting the biggest and baddest of the area's tulou: Chengqi Lou (Chéngqǐ lóu, 承启楼), otherwise known as the "King Tulou." This cluster also offers a number of less-grandiose tulou, from the empty and crumbling Wuyuan Lou (Wǔyún Lóu, 五云楼) to the recently built (1960's) Qiaofu Lou (Qiáofú lóu, 桥福楼), where guests can book a room and spend the night.

The Chengqi Lou (Chéngqǐ lóu, 承启楼) tulou is a Hakka dwelling made from mud, sticks, rocks, wood chips and whatever else was handy (some tulou even have rice in the walls!). This tulou is often referred to as King Tulou because of its sheer size. The building is a maze of circular passageways, all within the protective enclave of the outer tulou wall. Though relatively new (in comparison to some of the more ancient tulou, like Yuchang Lou), this 300+ year old structure is truly a sight to witness.

4:00 p.m. Chuxi tulou (Chūxī tǔlóu, 初溪土樓) (about 2 hours)

The Chuxi tulou are 15th century Ming-era tulou, including one building that is four stories tall, no small feat for a building made of mud. These enclosed homes, which are made of rammed earth, stone, wood and other miscellaneous materials (some even have rice in the walls!), house members of the Hakka minority. Like many of the tulou in the region, it represents a remnent of an older time, when communal living was more common and warring tribes were a more regular occurance.

Stay overnight at the Yuqinglou Hostel.

Day 3 Yongding (includes breakfast)

In the morning, trek along footpaths in quiet fields and enjoy the idyllic views before having breakfast.

Visit Jiqing Lou, one of the oldest tulous built in 1419. Climb the top of nearby mountain and have a bird's view of Chuxi village.

11:00 p.m. Nanxi tulou cluster (Nánxī Tǔlóu Qún, 南溪土楼群) (about 2 hours)

Located in Yongding County, the Nanxi tulou are some of the more recent additions to the tulou in this area. The structures consist of mud, sticks, rocks, and whatever else was at hand, and their purpose was to aid in protecting against unfriendly neighbors, bandits and wild animals. Though the residents no longer require such protection, these buildings continue to foster a community that is unique in modern China.

6:00 p.m. Stay overnight at the Yuqinglou Hostel.

Day 4 Yongding-Liancheng-Xiamen (includes breakfast)

8:30 a.m. Depart for Liancheng

1:00 p.m. Peitian ancient village (Péitián Gǔmínjū, 培田古民居) (about 2 hours)

After lunch, visit the Peitian ancient village, a well-preserved Hakka village with an 800-year-long history. Situated next to a river at the foot of Mount Guanzhai, the grey stone and wood buildings feature intricate carvings and ornamentation that live up to the scenic backdrop.

3:00 p.m. Head back for Xiamen and return to hotel at about 6:00 p.m.

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