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[1-Day Tour] Zhouzhuang & Jinxi Watertown (VIP Group, no-shopping, depart Shanghai)


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Zhouzhuang watertown | Jinxi watertown
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• Guide: We provide the friendliest and finest licensed guide for your tour. Your guide is not just fluent in English but also will assist you all round your tour.
• Driver: A trust worthy licensed local driver with over 5 years’ driving experience, familiar with the roads and routes to all destinations and restaurants.
• Vehicle: We offer up-to-7-seat business vehicles equipped with GPS facilities, free in-car Wi-Fi, big windows and air-conditioning; they are all licensed and registered with Beijing Tourism Administration, and are recycled every four years. Most importantly, they are insured and has 50,000 RMB coverage for each passenger.
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• Visit Zhouzhuang, an ancient water town that comfortably makes CNN's list of the Top 10 most beautiful towns in the world and you will experience and see the reason why.
• Stand and walk through the beautiful scenery that was used for the Zhang Yimou triumph "Shanghai Triad", a movie that used the beautiful views you will see with your own eyes.
• Take a gondola and see for yourself the hustle and bustle of life of the people living by the canals, often colorful and very interesting as you glide by.
• Grab a bite of some native water town dishes at the Zhouzhuang restaurant.
• Travel to the 2000 year old water town "Jinxi" which boasts 36 ancient bridges spanning the rivers.
• Jinxi Ancient Town is quieter, yet surprisingly more photogenic. The prime time to visit is in the afternoon, when the light is perfect for your photos and memories of the place.
• Visit 3 museums at Jinxi including the "museum of antique tiles and bricks" , the "red porcelain products museum" and the "root caving museum of China."
• As ever, there will be free water, beer and other refreshments to be had at the exclusive Ctrip Kiosk.
• Keep connected at all times with our portable Wi-Fi anytime and anywhere.
• Gain a deeper insight into the history and culture of the sights you see with our insider’s narration on attractions.
• You will be furnished with Video and 6 pamphlets to help you discover the hidden gems of Shanghai.


8:00-11:30 a.m. Shanghai downtown hotel pickup & transfer to Zhouzhuang

In the morning of your scheduled activity, your guide will be waiting for you in the lobby holding a signboard Ctrip logo on it. Show us your Ctrip confirmation letter and you will be guided to our vehicle. You will then be driven for 1 hour to reach Zhouzhuang: a water town built amid canals, ponds, and lakes. There are many old buildings and bridges, boat rides, crafts, framed by the quaint water town scenery. Feel free to take many photos and capture the beautiful views as seen in "Shanghai Triad". You will take a gondola and witness the way of life of people living by the canals, first hand. This medieval water town has a history dating back more than 900 years, and has houses and bridges built in both the Ming (1368–1644) and Qing dynasties (1644–1911). Ctrip has tailored the 3 most representative old houses into our itineraries to ensure you will not leave here without knowing of their provenance and history.

Shen's House is southeast of Fu'an Bridge on Nanshi Street. Shen Benren built it in 1742. The compound has seven courtyards, five archways, and more than 100 rooms. It covers an area of 2,000 square meters. There is a gate and wharf for mooring boats.

Zhang's House is south of the Twin Bridges on Beishi Street. It was built 1436-1449 and covers 1,800 square meters or about half an acre. The house has six courtyards and more than 70 rooms. A square pool was built in the middle section. It is an important historical building.

Ye Chucang's Residence: Ye Chucang (1887–1946) was a poet and a statesman. He was known for organizing a group of young people to publicize against gambling and opium and steer people away it. It is on Xiwan Street and has five courtyards. The Main Hall was his studio, and the Rear Hall was a place where he received friends.

Shopping Opportunities: With almost a thousand years’ history, the townspeople people have kept their unique lifestyle as well as exquisite craftsmanship. While shopping in Zhouzhuang, you will find mementos with special meaning. A typical 'south-of-the-Yangtze River' water town, Zhouzhuang abounds in silk, Suzhou embroidery, woven bamboo, and other exquisite handicrafts.

Zhenfeng Street is where you can enjoy many traditional shops and tea houses lining the narrow street: herbal medicine shops, wine workshops, spinning weaving shops, bamboo weaving shops... Relax and have a taste of traditional Chinese culture.

What’s special there?

Zhouzhuang bamboo weaving has a long history and is famous for compactness, strength, and durability. In Cultural Street, see many locals, especially older people, weaving bamboo. Their exquisite craftsmanship gives tourists a deep impression. For tourists, bamboo weavings are made even prettier than usual.

Tiger head shoes are traditional shoes for Chinese children. In Chinese culture, people think tiger head shoes can bring luck to children. Tiger head shoes in Zhouzhuang are of exquisite craftsmanship and soft enough for children to wear comfortably.

Zhouzhuang stoves enjoy a high reputation as "the best of copper ware". Coppersmiths pound the flat copper sheets into oblate stoves and hollow out a snow-shape or pearl-shape hole on the lid. They engrave some pictures on the surface of the stoves, such as flowers, landscape paintings, clouds, lines, many kinds of birds and so on. Zhouzhuang stoves are a work of art.

11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Lunch Time

We will take you to a nice local restaurant in the water village for lunch to save your precious time (other group goes to the restaurant in Shanghai), the menu has been carefully selected by our product manager based on the taste of customers from different corner in the world to ensure the unique gourmet experience. We would be very pleased to hear from you and make a special arrangement if you have any particular requests on food. the restaurant is located by the waterway, you will enjoy your food in an independent room on the second floor, open the window you will have a nice view on the willow trees weeping in the wind, gondolas transfer on the water way, local people hanging clothes at home etc...

12:30-5:00 p.m. Jinxi Watertown

In the afternoon, our guide will take you to Jinx ancient water town for a visit. Compared with other ancient towns in China, Jinx Ancient Town is simpler, less sophisticated, and quiet. It is a small town (only one square kilometer in area) that has 16 lakes and 238 rivers. The town also has 36 ancient bridges spanning the rivers. The bridges represent various styles and were built during different periods in history.

The town has many museums, such as the first museum of antique tiles and bricks in China, the "red porcelain products museum" and the "root caving museum of China." and our guide will take you to see all of them.

Besides, Jinxi water town is famous for its picturesque sceneries, it's enjoy history for over 2000 years, and most of the architectures there are still keep its original looks, photo on them would be definitely a "must do" on your travel schedule, you will have sufficient time to taking photos.

5:00-6:00 p.m. Drive back to hotel/train station/airport

At the end of your tour you driver will either drive you back to your hotel or transfer you to the airport or train station if you plan leaving after the tour. Going back to your Shanghai downtown hotel or train station will approximately take about 1.5 hour, same as Hongqiao airport, Pudong airport about 2 hours.

* Please note: airport and train station drop-off requries additional fee which is not included in the price.

Price Includes and Excludes

What is included?

1) A gondola tour in Zhouzhuang

2) English-speaking guide service

3) Admission fees, meals and transportation as listed in details

What is excluded?

1) Personal expenses, optional items or anything else not specifically mentioned

2) Gratuities to the tour guide & driver (usually CNY 50-100 per person for them). It is not compulsory but would be highly appreciated.

Important Notes

1.Please call or email Ctrip if you need to cancel your booking. Free cancellation for bookings cancelled at least 3 days in advance. If you cancel 2 days or less before your visit, a 100% cancellation fee will be charged per booking.

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6.All listed meals are Chinese food unless otherwise noted. Please notify us ahead of time for any dietary restrictions (allergies, vegetarian, kosher, etc.).

7.Please ensure personal and travel information is entered correctly. Ctrip will not refund any losses that result from incorrect and missing information.

8.Bookings made after 7:00 p.m. the day before your scheduled activity will be canceled.


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