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Beijing to Guangzhou trains (北京 - 广州)(9 results)

  • G65

    10:33Beijing West
    20:16 Guangzhou South
    • 1st Cls. CNY 1,380 Book
    • Business Cls. CNY 2,724 4 left Book
    • 2nd Cls. CNY 862 SOLD OUT
  • G67

    12:13Beijing West
    22:18 Guangzhou South
  • G69

    13:07Beijing West
    22:28 Guangzhou South
    • 2nd Cls. CNY 862 2 left Book
    • 1st Cls. CNY 1,380 Book
    • Business Cls. CNY 2,724 6 left Book
  • K599

    05:14Beijing West
    11:12 +1Guangzhou
    • Hard seat CNY 251 Book
    • Hard sleeper CNY 456 3 left Book
    • Soft sleeper CNY 784 6 left Book
  • Z35

    11:49Beijing West
    09:10 +1Guangzhou
    • Hard seat CNY 251 1 left Book
    • Soft sleeper CNY 784 4 left Book
    • Deluxe sleeper CNY 1,445 Book
    • Hard sleeper CNY 456 SOLD OUT
  • Z97

    12:40Beijing West
    10:01 +1Guangzhou East
    • Hard seat CNY 251 Book
    • Hard sleeper CNY 456 3 left Book
    • Deluxe sleeper CNY 1,445 Book
    • Soft sleeper CNY 784 SOLD OUT
  • Z201

    17:54Beijing West
    15:43 +1Guangzhou
    • Hard seat CNY 251 Book
    • Deluxe sleeper CNY 1,445 4 left Book
    • Hard sleeper CNY 456 SOLD OUT
    • Soft sleeper CNY 784 SOLD OUT
  • G71

    07:27Beijing West
    17:13 Guangzhou South
  • G79

    10:00Beijing West
    18:01 Guangzhou South

Beijing - Guangzhou


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