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Chengdu Dep.time09:10 Fuzhou Arr.time 11:40
Airline Yunnnan Lucky Air...

Flight No.8L9611

CNY 400
Chengdu Dep.time07:50 Fuzhou Arr.time 11:35
Airline Sichuan Airlines

Flight No.3U8997

CNY 555
Chengdu Dep.time21:15 Fuzhou Arr.time 23:40
Airline Xiamen Airlines

Flight No.MF8452

CNY 604
Chengdu Dep.time11:55 Fuzhou Arr.time 14:15
Airline Xiamen Airlines

Flight No.MF8436

CNY 618
Chengdu Dep.time14:30 Fuzhou Arr.time 18:25
Airline United Eagle Airl...

Flight No.EU2731

CNY 660

Flight schedule 3U8997

Airline Sichuan Airlines
Flight No. 3U8997 Plane model 321
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